News Byte: Canada Post Partners With Stream Integration

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Canada Post Partners With Stream Integration
Canada Post Partners With Stream Integration

Stream Integration today announced a partnership with Canada Post that will integrate the addressing solutions provider's AddressComplete tool with technology consultancy Stream's StreamClean data management and cleansing capabilities.

StreamClean is built on the IBM Information Server Framework. The StreamClean powered by AddressComplete software integrates AddressComplete's capabilities into IBM's InfoSphere products worldwide. It leverages Canada Post's address expertise to serve up highly intuitive address verification matches in subseconds, meeting the speed and accuracy requirements to support today's Big Data environments.

According to Stream Integration CEO Mark Rowan, poor data quality has a high cost, so it's best to have the right data from the outset. He asserts that the partnership with Canada Post will allow Stream's customers to improve the quality of their data and increase “their confidence in the validity of that data.”

“The AddressComplete address validation tool improves the customer experience, operational efficiencies, and marketing ROI,” says Alexis Zamkow, general manager, data products at Canada Post. “This partnership will allow more companies to access our world-class international address data and turn addressing into their competitive advantage.”


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