NaraStyle picks Steve Greenblatt Creative for direct efforts

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NaraStyle LLC has hired Steve Greenblatt Creative of Dayton, OH, for its direct marketing efforts.

NaraStyle imports totes, gift bags and fashion handbags made of jute, a vegetable fiber. It was started by Neelima Gogumalla, who is also the founder and president of Neel Gagan Designs, a custom maker of Indian female garments called saris.

The bags that NaraStyle offers are meant to capitalize on the growing “green movement,” because jute is 100% biodegradable and has a high CO2 assimilation rate, Gogumalla said.

Greenblatt Creative is performing a direct mail campaign, sending brochures and product samples to marketing and procurement decision makers at companies frequently participating in trade shows and other professional venues where recycled plastic bags are commonly used for handouts.

 “At a lot of trade shows, they give you a plastic bag with items [related to the trade show] in it,” Gogumalla said. “We're trying to replace that.”

The brochure features one of NaraStyle's jute bags next to a picture of a natural landscape with the headline, “Your message here — makes a powerful statement here.”

NaraStyle bags would also offer companies the opportunity to print their logo or a message on them.

NaraStyle will also work with Greenblatt on an expansion of the NaraStyle Web site and a multichannel advertising campaign for the company's line of custom fashion handbags.


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