Move Update goes into effect

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A six-month ‘grace period’ is in effect for Move Update compliance
A six-month ‘grace period’ is in effect for Move Update compliance
While the Direct Marketing Association was initially opposed to the 7-cent fine, its members are pleased that there will be a “grace period” until May before any assessments occur, said Jerry Cerasale, the DMA's SVP of government affairs.

The DMA won't have an official position on the new Move Update requirements until the Postal Service determines the cri­teria for a mailing to be judged noncompli­ant, he said. “We are pleased with the delay period until May,” Cerasale said. “We still oppose the 7-cent fine, but if it turns out that the tolerance level is within reason, then we are OK with it.”

One factor the DMA takes issue with is that many of its members do not wholly trust the USPS's mailing evaluation machines, Cerasale said. He specifically mentioned the USPS' Mailing Evaluation, Readability Lookup Instrument (Merlin), a device to assess barcode readability, as one that mailers have taken issue with in the past.

“I think people don't totally trust the machines, and some of our lists are better than postal service lists,” he said.

However, he added, “The basic goal of Move Update is a goal we should be reaching for.”

The USPS said Merlin and other mail assessment machines are accurate.

The new Move Update requirements will make the industry as a whole operate more efficiently, said Elizabeth Lombard, national postal carrier manager for mailing services company Pitney Bowes.

“From a mailer's perspective, they might look at this as one more regulation, but if you clearly look at the figures, UAA mail is costly to both business and organiza­tions,” she said.

While most large companies have been prepared for the new Move Update stan­dards for some time, there are still some smaller mailers who “are a little shocked” to find out about the changes, Lombard said. However, she added, “once we explain it to them, they understand it's a good thing and will help them in the long run. Ithink the response to the new Move Update stan­dards have been well received.”

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