HP, Omnicom join on print

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HP, Omnicom join on print
HP, Omnicom join on print
As part of the digital workflow man­agement program HPis developing with Omnicom, there will be a Web-based portal that will enable the holding company's agencies and their clients to better man­age documents, track individual projects, reduce printing duplication and waste and gain visibility into marketing spends.

The program will be applied across direct mail, packaging, marketing collateral, point of sale materials and traditional advertis­ing, including print ads, billboards and building wraps, using HP's network of print service providers.

Omnicom will also take advantage of HP's variable data capabilities to create personalized and targeted campaigns.

The advantages of this partnership are significant, Vaughan said. Printing docu­ments on demand will reduce unwanted duplication of materials that may be unneeded. Adigital print supply chain can accelerate how quickly marketing mate­rials go from being created to reaching consumers by as much as 50%. Omnicom will also be able to track work better across its many agencies, thereby improving its ability to assess the return on investment of marketing campaigns. And, through HP's variable data capabilities, Omnicom's agencies will be able to improve overall activation rates for customers and the return on marketing investments.

Already a big player in the digital press arena, HP has been building out its digital workflow management capability over the past few years, according to Vaughan.

In March, HP introduced its first-ever graphic arts workflow portfolio, the HP SmartStream Digital Workflow Portfolio, which brings together several products previously introduced and new products designed to provide workflow manage­ment from job creation to fulfillment. HP Indigo presses will be the first hardware devices to employ SmartStream.

SmartStream is one of several recent initiatives in support of HP's Print 2.0 strategy, which was introduced last year and is intended to capture more digital pages from the analog print market and enable printing customers to take advan­tage of new market segments and business opportunities

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