Hollywood Reporter goes digital and global

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The Nielsen Co.'s entertainment trade publication The Hollywood Reporter has launched a companion Web site called The Hollywood Reporter Digital Edition.

The Digital Edition replicates the daily print magazine and is available in 12 languages in addition to English. The site offers real-time news, text-to-voice conversion, offline reading and archived back issues. Readers can acquire the Digital Edition through subscription.

"It's almost a centerpiece," said Jeff Black, head of digital deployment at The Hollywood Reporter. "Hollywood is a global name and Hollywood Reporter is a global name.

"Hollywood Reporter is in the center of it, so what's very important is that the data that we have and create from our reporters here - and the information that we gather from Nielsen - be disseminated globally but in a way that our international audience can read it. It's becoming closer to the international market than ever before."

The Digital Edition differs from The Hollywood Reporter companion Web site in that it provides an online, readable version of the full daily print edition.

"It's identical to the newspaper," said Mr. Black. "You open it up, the page turns and you see the same thing you would see if the paper were in your hand. What makes it fun is someone in Hong Kong or Singapore has the opportunity [to read it] at the same time as someone in L.A."

The Hollywood Reporter has focused on growing its global business. The publication recently increased its international staff, particularly in Asian markets.

The Digital Edition is sponsored by GSMA, the world's largest association of mobile-phone operators, leaving access to the site free for subscribers. Eric Mika, senior vice president and publishing director at The Hollywood Reporter, envisions monetizing the Digital Edition through creative marketing rather than customer fees.

The Hollywood Reporter's digital strategy includes video initiatives and a consumer-experience platform. In the next couple of weeks it will launch an online partnership with Brightcove to provide branded online video channels and series-oriented programming.

The Hollywood Reporter, based in Los Angeles, is the trade publication of the entertainment industry. It's published in daily and weekly print editions. The Film and Performing Arts Group of Nielsen Business Media publishes the magazine.

NewspaperDirect Inc. provides the online platform for the Digital Edition and Hollywood Reporter video offerings.

"There's a generational impact occurring in the entertainment industry," said Mr. Mika. "There's a younger executive consuming news in a new way and The Hollywood Reporter is providing that news."

"One of our goals with total Web and digital strategy is making news features and reviews actionable," he said. "It's about contextually linking reviews to data and video. In essence we'll be providing an end-to-end solution to professionals."


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