Gap launches pilot loyalty program in Vancouver

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This month, clothing retailer Gap launched a pilot loyalty program in the Vancouver, BC area. Once consumers opt-in, the program known as Sprize tracks purchases via a card swiped at checkout.

If the price of any of the purchased items from the store drops within 45 days of the purchase, the customer will be credited the difference to their Sprize card. Customers can use the “SprizeMoney” to purchase merchandise in the 10 participating stores for up to one year from the date of issuance.

Currently, only purchases made in those 10 Vancouver stores qualify for the program.

“We are excited to be piloting this program in Vancouver,” said Scott Key, SVP of customer relationship management at Gap Inc., in a statement. “Vancouver was one of our first retail locations to open outside of the US. It's always been a very successful market for Gap and the performance of the Sprize program here will inform how and when we roll out Sprize to other stores.”

For the launch, the Gap store located at 1121 Robson Street "turned the store upside down" — flipping the store logo and window mannequins and hanging merchandise from the ceiling. Outside the store, there were overturned cars, fire hydrants, bikes and a hot dog cart. All of this emphasized the message that Gap is “turning shopping on its head” by reversing the practice of waiting for an item to go on sale in order to buy it.

Customers enroll in the program through a handheld device in-store where they provide contact information including e-mail address. When they receive a Sprize credit they are notified by e-mail. In mid-November, users will also be able to log in to to monitor and check their balances.

“Sprize is an innovative idea that builds on the creative legacy of Gap,” said Marka Hansen, president of Gap Brand North America, in a statement. “We're taking away the frustration and worry over buying a product at full price, and then seeing the price drop soon afterward. Sprize will give our customers the confidence and instant gratification of buying what they want when they want it.” 


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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