Frontier Telephone Selects DOC1 to Develop Personalized Statements

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Group 1 Software, a provider of customer relationship management software solutions, said yesterday that Frontier Telephone selected Group 1's DOC1 to generate more than 10 million customer bills annually for its 32 member companies.

Frontier Telephone, Rochester, NY, operates 34 local phone companies in 13 states and offers a variety of telecommunications services. Frontier is owned by Citizens Communications. Group 1 is based in Lanham, MD.

DOC1 lets companies create high-impact personalized communications for delivery in print or via Web, e-mail, fax or wireless devices.

Frontier's billing operations support various business groups that use mainframe, AS/400 and other computing platforms, and DOC1's flexibility lets Frontier accept output from any platform.

Frontier said that by previewing documents before printing, DOC1 also makes it faster and more convenient to verify statement accuracy. This will help Frontier in managing its more than 100 billing cycles.

With DOC1, Frontier can enhance client care by enabling customer service representatives to view the same documents as their customers.

Frontier also purchased DOC1 component Message1, which lets the company produce targeted cross-selling and regulatory messages.


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