Firstlogic-Lorton Deal Draws 109 Customers

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Firstlogic, a commercial mail and data quality software provider, said yesterday that 109 customers signed up for a service in its Postalsoft Desktop Mailer and Business Edition products launched in mid-October that allowed customers to seamlessly use Lorton Data, a full-service provider for advanced NCOALink, Locatable Address Conversion System and Delivery Point Validation processing.

The Desktop Mailer and Business Edition products are part of the Firstlogic Postalsoft suite of mail automation software, which gives mailers solutions to correct, standardize and enhance mailing lists, match and consolidate duplicate information, and prepare and sort database records to U.S. Postal Service standards -- ensuring fast delivery and maximum postage savings.

Through a new Web-based wizard in the Firstlogic software, customers can obtain 18 or 48 months of NCOALink processing automatically from Lorton Data, plus LACSLink 911 address conversion matching tool and DPV, verifying accuracy of deliverable addresses.

Using extended move-update capabilities ensures that mailers get higher address accuracy rates, meaning a better postal discount and a higher probability of mail reaching the intended destination, Firstlogic said.

"By leveraging 48 months of NCOALink data through this automated service, mailers can realize the benefits of creating ready-to-go addresses for just-in-time mailings," said Chris Lien, Firstlogic commercial mail market director. "NCOALink helps reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail, improves response rates and reduces waste ... With Lorton Data's NCOALink services integrated into Desktop Mailer and Business Edition, more Firstlogic customers have access to one of the newest Full Service Providers and the benefit of competitive rates."

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