Decision Expected Today on Royal Mail Strike

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The United Kingdom's Communication Workers Union said that a decision on whether Royal Mail workers will formally strike over pay could come today.

Last week, members of the CWU who are Royal Mail workers voted overwhelmingly to support an executive council recommendation to strike.

The union is seeking a 5 percent pay increase this year, while Royal Mail is offering a 2 percent increase, with an additional 0.5 percent if the mail service meets customer quality service targets.

"I am pleased that the members have shown their feelings so clearly," said the union's general secretary, Billy Hayes. "We will discuss arrangements to implement industrial action early next week, but I sincerely hope that the result will encourage management to look again at their position so that we can reach an agreement rather than take action."

The union met yesterday and meets again today. According to the CWU's Web site, meeting participants will receive a report of the latest talks with Royal Mail and assess whether to continue discussions. It will also decide what action it considers appropriate.

The Web site also said "all current media reports are entirely speculation. There have been no decisions, or indications from the union. Action could be anything from a work to rule [work strictly to contract] to a national strike." The site also said today is the likely day for an announcement.


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