Custom publishing gains funds

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Companies and organizations spent an average of $1,129,649 on custom publications in 2006, recording a fifth straight year of growth and reaching an all-time high, according to a study by the Custom Publishing Council and Publications Management. This 18.4 percent increase reflects the largest year-over-year growth on record.

Custom publishing now consumes 24 percent of the spending that companies allocate for marketing, advertising and communications, the study found. Both small and large companies are projected to spend more on custom publishing in 2007. E-publications have seen a 35 percent rise in budget allocations.

For-profit companies, however, rely on custom publishing less than nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits focus on the medium for primary and central marketing. Custom publishing budgets for nonprofits in 2006 represented 26.7 percent of marketing communications spending but 19.6 percent for for-profits.

The study can be found on the Custom Publishing Council's Web site
at and Publications Management at


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