Political party donor lists on the market

RMI has introduces three iList Political Donors lists: Liberal, Conservative and Undeclared.

iList Liberal Political Donors presents left wing individuals who have contributed to Democratic causes. They advocate more social freedoms, affirmative action, balanced budget and free enterprise system. The Democratic base consists of social liberals who tend to be well-educated with above average incomes, as well as the socially more conservative working class. The universe for the list is 716,750.

iList Conservative Political donors presents right wing individuals who have contributed to conservative programs, committees, candidates or other Republican causes. They are the heart and soul of the Republican party, supporting lower taxes and limited government in most economic areas. The list's universe is 1,236,189

iList Undeclared Political Donors presents individuals who have no political party affiliation. These individuals tend to split their ticket and donate to the Republican and Democratic causes they are passionate about. This list has a universe of 363,795.

Each list has pricing beginning at $65/M.

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