Pitney Bowes launches unit to improve marketing efficiency 

Pitney Bowes marketing global services unit
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Company launches new marketing division 

Pitney Bowes launched its marketing global services division last December to better support its individual business units, which each have their own marketing team.

The 60-member unit includes seven department leaders, who report to John Steinert, VP of marketing global services. Steinert reports to Joe Timko, chief strategy and innovation officer at Pitney Bowes, who in turn reports to Murray Martin, president, CEO and chairman. 

"The logic of the marketing global services unit is that it is a shared-services unit and it views its clients first as the business unit marketing teams," said Timko. "Marketing global services is responsible for tactical marketing on behalf of the business units and additional internal clients, which could be the corporate strategy team, or it could even be a forward-looking research and development organization that has the beginnings of 
an idea." 

Reporting to Steinert are six global directors, overseeing units including marketing customer insight and social media marketing. The VP of global campaign management also reports to Steinert. 

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