Pet toy company barks up mobile billboard tree

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Doggy Tug, a start-up dog toy business, is getting the word out about its launch via a mobile billboard.

The company has teamed up with Bulldog Mobile Billboards for the new advertising campaign, which combines guerrilla marketing with experiential marketing techniques to help promote both the line of pet toys to consumers while seeking b-to-b contacts in veterinarian offices and pet stores to distribute product.

“We cut through the clutter by placing billboards in strategic locations and by keeping them mobile,” said Rod Collins, president of Bulldog Mobile Billboards.

A six-by-10-foot mobile billboard is driven around on the back of a truck. It features a photo of a bulldog (Collins' own) playing with the tug toy, as well as the Web site and phone number for Doggy Tug.

The vehicle is driven around the Dallas metro area to give the message visibility. The truck regularly visits pet store locations, vet offices and dog parks where promoters hand out free dog toys and literature on how to order it works and where to order. On February 23 the truck will be at the White Rock Lake dog park in Dallas for bulldog day, in which bulldog owners are coming together, in hopes that the dog on the billboard will draw some attention.

“By going to where customers are, we are able to send more relevant messaging to them,” Collins added.

Bulldog has also landed the Dallas Zoo as a client to promote a new traveling exhibit. The exhibit which features a petting zoo for stingrays is being promoted on Bulldog's billboards and placed at grocery stores, shopping malls and schools to attract both parents and children.

“The billboard directs consumers to the Web site where they can find out more information on the products or events being sold,” Collins said.

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