Peranet Helps Customers Pull the Trigger

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Peranet this week released its Internet-based marketing solution called Click-and-Choose. Designed to be a customer conversion trigger, Click-and-Choose offers consumers their choice of rewards if they complete an action.

For example, if a prospect abandons his shopping cart, he is brought to a Click-and-Choose site where there are offers for a choice of free merchandise and coupons to complete the transaction.

Rather than creating an untargeted, blanket promotion, this technology presents an incentive during critical opportunities that can help convert the customer. "It's an extremely targeted vehicle. The one thing the Internet changes about incentives and promotions is that you can put the carrot wherever you want to put the carrot now," said Joel Bines, co-founder and CEO of Peranet Inc., Dallas. "You don't have to do it statically like you do offline, where you have to guess which carrot will motivate people and where to put it.", a comparison shopping service, beta-tested Click-and-Choose and saw an overall increase in sales of 79 percent as well as a 24 percent increase in shopping-cart conversion rates. The test began July 1 and wraps up Aug. 18.

The added benefit, in addition to increased conversion rates, is that consumers can be delivered to other parts of the Web site upon completing the action.

"After someone selects an gift, they are delivered to another promotion on the site. Or they can be delivered to a product demonstration or a survey. It doesn't leave them hanging," Bines said. "Comparatively, if someone at a trade show takes a hat and leaves, that's the end of it. The company doesn't know anything about them."

Peranet builds and hosts the rewards sites, which are integrated with the same look and feel of the client site. Consumers are able to access these rewards via a button on the customer or partner site or through an embedded e-mail link.

The solution can be used to improve customer acquisition and retention actions, including online purchasing, booking and registration, downloading information or software, responding to e-mail and completing surveys, according to Bines.

Charter clients include, Compaq and iChoose.
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