PeopleSoft Delivers eBusiness Analytics for CRM

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PeopleSoft Inc., Pleasanton, CA, an e-business applications software provider, yesterday began shipping its Customer Profitability Workbench, the first in a series of Internet eBusiness intelligence applications that turn business data into information to create profitable customer relationships.

CPW was one of 59 collaborative applications the company announced yesterday in conjunction with the launch of PeopleSoft 8, an Internet-based suite of applications including Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Financials, and Professional Services Automation. PeopleSoft 8, which took the company two years to develop, offers browser-based access and open integration across the enterprise.

PeopleSoft CRM, for example, is a set of eBusiness applications that offer multichannel support. The applications include Vantive eSales, Vantive eService, Vantive eFieldService and Vantive eHelpDesk. PeopleSoft CRM integrates tightly with PeopleSoft 8 eBusiness applications, offering companies a complete view of the enterprise, including historical customer interactions, operational logistics, customer analytics, workforce management and supply-chain dynamics.

According to PeopleSoft, the CPW product leverages data from PeopleSoft's CRM and enterprise resource planning applications so that companies can quickly identify their most profitable customers, products and channels.

The CPW, for examples, allows businesses to identify the areas that are driving profits and to pinpoint key information about customers, products and channels. By understanding the factors that drive profitability, companies can analyze strategies to enhance their revenues, and can fine-tune their sales and marketing programs.

The CPW also can help answer numerous key business questions, such as, who are my most profitable customers, what products are they buying, which channels are they using, and in which products and channels should my company invest resources to improve profitability?

The CPW is the first in a series of CRM analytic applications that will fulfill PeopleSoft's vision for providing a 360-degree view of the customer.

``This is an example of using applied technology to deliver the next generation of eCRM,'' said Sam Gallucci, executive vice president and general manager at PeopleSoft's CRM division. ``Companies must be able to convert customer data into information they can use, identify and nurture customer relationships, and capitalize on them. Such intelligent eBusiness solutions are critical to meeting the demands of today's discriminating customer."
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