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When you sit down and look at your search marketing campaign, especially the hundreds of keywords you spend hours researching on tools such as Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery, do you ever wish you could get a jump on your competition and take a peek at what words will be the most searched-for over the coming months?

By plugging yourself into the blogging community you will get a glimpse of what keywords might soon show up in a keyword database.

If you spend enough time looking at what bloggers covering your industry have to say, you will be able to spot future trends that can help you adapt your search marketing campaign now, before the data starts showing up in your competitor's Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery report.

According to Technorati, there are an

estimated 19 million-plus active bloggers currently spewing forth their regular thoughts on just about every topic. The key for search marketers is tapping into those bloggers who cover your specific industry and using the resulting information to enhance your search marketing efforts.

Using tools such as or you will be able to enter up to three different key phrases and take a look at how popular those phrases have been over the past month. Granted this is "past" data, but the resulting graphs will show you whether bloggers have been talking more about your selected phrases, or less, over the past month.

With bloggers being on what some call the "lunatic fringe" of new trends (leaping straight past "cutting edge") you will learn more from those trend charts than a regular keyword research tool.

Using the very same keywords and phrases already in use by bloggers - which incidentally are also your future customers - you will be able to craft a targeted search campaign that looks ahead to which words will show up on future keyword research tools.

By getting a step-ahead of your competition, you will likely see your Web site sitting unopposed at the top of the natural search results, or your paid search cost-per-click results not being involved in bidding wars. It's the closest thing to a search marketing crystal ball you can get, without actually inventing a time machine.

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