Letter: Memories of Al Goodloe

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Al Goodloe was my friend for several decades, as I met him when he was working for Alexander Hamilton Institute ("Int'l DM Expert Al Goodloe Dies at 80," Feb. 20). He loved copywriting, and he often sent me the letters they were using for my "input" ... which meant he wanted an opinion. I was never quite sure whether he took any of my advice, but it didn't matter. He was my friend.

When he traveled to his painting school in Maine, he always sent me a postcard, and when he went to Europe I always received several cards about the history of the place. He was a good teacher. He taught my session on international direct marketing at New York University for over five years. He always stayed after class to answer everyone's questions.

We went out for lunches quite often and exchanged ideas on the international arena (as he called it). I spoke at several of his Publishers Multinational Conferences, and he rehearsed my talk on "Direct Mail in Canada" for hours and hours and reviewed every slide, though my talk was a mere half hour. I loved those conferences that were held at the Helmsley, and then the walks over to the Harvard Club for the cocktail party. He always said that his attendees were the tops in international direct marketing, and they were. James Thorton was his favorite speaker, and he always did several speeches and a duo keynote with Al.

A few years back we did a Webinar together, and we redid slides, reviewing our conference again and again. Mostly we laughed about it.

Each month we had lunch at the Madison Bistro across the street from my offices. He had a glass of wine and a chicken plate, and we'd arrive about 12 o'clock and adjourn about 3 p.m. He always had a bag full of stuff to show me, usually international publishers' direct mail pieces.

Lois K. Geller, President,Mason & Geller Direct

Hollywood, FL


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