Letter: Industry Would Benefit From Better Self-Policing

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I was surprised and delighted to see Wendy Lazar and her Glendale Industries as the subject of Tad Clarke's editorial ("Best Practices," Feb. 25). Wendy is a fellow Syracuse University graduate and long-time chum. We kid ourselves that back when we went to college, we had no idea what "direct marketing" was (did anyone?), but we both ended up making careers in it!

Wendy is absolutely right. If the direct marketing industry really got its act together, policed itself better and vigorously discouraged "questionable" practices and practitioners, we would be a far more respected industry -- not one constantly suffering from the "j" label. So her methods of conducting business "won't work for everyone." Well, they could work for most people, if they really believed in fairness and honesty.

Wendy has always been 100 percent ethical -- and 100 percent outspoken about her beliefs. Right on, Wendy!

Katharine Barr, President, Katharine Barr & Associates, N. Reading, MA,


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