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The publishing industry is grappling with a lot of issues right now, and circ marketers are right in the thick of things. With rapidly changing consumer habits, rising costs of paper and transport and an influx of new technologies and media, there are a million questions that need answering:

·        How can I monetize my content in the era of free online information?

·        Is it possible for me to transition my audience to a new medium?

·        And once I build my multi-platform presence, how do I measure its success?

 And that's just the scratching the surface. A recent DMNews online exclusive — “How to reach Generation Y” — brought another central question to light: How can marketers reach young consumers, who hyperactively flit from one medium to another?

Young consumers are valuable to many brands, thanks to their sheer numbers, high spending power and tendency to virally promote brands they like. For magazines and newspapers — products that depend on lengthy and engaged relationships, reaching these voracious media consumers at a young age and building lifelong readers out of them is of utmost importance.

I enjoyed reaching out to agencies for the Gen Y story, but one thing was missing from the debate — you. How are circulation marketers in particular responding to emerging audiences and their evolving needs? DMNews wants to know what you think about this and other issues; the industry, more than ever, craves guidance and insight from the experts.

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