Shush! Let's All Be a Little Quieter in 2015

As the social noise increases, customers will increasingly tune out. So, in 2015 think quality over quantity.

Will 2015 Be The Year of Sales and Marketing Integration?

Enough with the excuses. Getting sales and marketing to work together shouldn't be that hard.

609,000 Reasons to Rethink Marketing

Hydration brand CamelBak relies on advocates to energize customers.

Key Retailers' Mobile Sites Don't Support Gift Card Buyers

Give the gift of simplicity this holiday season.

7 Musts for Online Behavioral Advertising

How to keep behavior-based ads valuable, safe, and secure

Salespeople: Hire Marketing as Your Dating Consultant

Why marketers make good wingmen for salespeople.

The Psychological Power of Giving

Why it's better to give than to receive.

Why Xerox's Content Marketing Is Worth Copying

4 elements that the business service provider focuses on to grow its digital magazine

Don't Just Listen to the Customer, Act on What You Learn

Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Shot by Both Sides

The average tenure of B2B sales leaders is 18 months. Here's why marketers should pay attention to that turnover rate.

What Color Is Your Brand?

The answer isn't always black and white.

"Internet Facts": The Supreme Court and Content Marketing

Can you back up your content sources?

The ROI of Customer Experience: Who Cares?

Better experiences equal better ROI.

Becoming "Resource Full"

Stand out from the competition by being a go-to content source for buyers.

Consumer Privacy Protection Reaches the Highest Court in the Land

A breakdown of DMA vs. Brohl

Using Peer Pressure to Spark a Social Movement for Your Brand

All of the cool kids are doing it.

Don't Be Poochie: 3 Content Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Lessons from The Simpsons' character that will make marketers go, "Doh!"

Read Now Before Time Runs Out!

The value of scarcity isn't a come-and-go tactic.

Data Builds Trust for Nonprofits Through Accountability

Transparency doesn't just apply to for-profit organizations; fundraisers need to be held accountable, too.

LeBron, Kevin, and Content Marketing Risks

Content marketing is evolving into media-like publishing for some brands. Are marketers on the ball?

It's Time to Beef up Your Online Customer Experience

Consumers want to interact online, but companies aren't serving their needs.

Let's Get Real About Sales Automation

Three words apply when adopting SFA: Keep it simple.

Top 5 Spending and Investment Insights from Marketers

Confidence in data-driven marketing led marketers to set high Q1 2014 goals.

Getting Religious About Customer Psychology

Does your brand have a devoted following?

The CMO Is the Chief Language Officer

Clear marketing language helps marketers tell effective brand stories.

Marketers, It's Time to Amplify Empathy

5 ways marketers can blend empathy and analytics to more effectively connect with customers

Direct Marketers Should Care About Closing the ECPA Loophole

Why the 1986 law doesn't cut it in today's modern marketing world.

The First Step To Getting Your Sales Back on Track

This one-step regimen is more obvious than you think.

Does Your Loyalty Program Reward or Punish Your Customers?

How to truly leave your customers salivating for more.

Healthcare Needs a Marketing Transformation

Why savvy healthcare marketing is just what the doctor ordered.

Forget Funnels and Embrace Journey-Centric Marketing

The new realities of how customers interact with brands mean rethinking marketing.

Social Selling Takes a Village

Don't let its name fool you. Why social selling isn't just for the sales department.

There's No "Us" and "Them"

When it comes to data, consumers and marketers are on the same team.

Building Sales With Authority

A 1963 study on obedience proves relevant to marketers today.

Temkin Releases 2014 Customer Service Ratings

Amazon, USAA, and Chick-fil-A occupy the top spots, while Comcast and other telecom companies bottom out.

Big Data Is Not Enough

What Big Data can and cannot do—and how "thicker" data can help.

Which Brands Are the Most (and Least) Trusted?

It's been a bad year for TV service providers.

Where Strategy and the Market Really Intersect

Why the sales manager's role is more crucial than you think.

Making Data Breach Readiness a Priority

5 ways marketers can prepare for possible data breaches.

Give Consumers a Reason to Feel

Those warm fuzzies may be worth more than you think.

Why CMOs Need to Befriend CIOs

Innovation is more likely to happen when marketing and IT collaborate.

The Best and Worst Brands in Temkin Experience Ratings

Which industries know how to satisfy their customers, and which ones have more work to do?

Remind Me Again, What Are We Automating?

Marketers be warned: Don't invest in technology without a solid strategy in place first.

Marketing Analytics Benefits Consumers, Yet FTC Is Doubtful

How predictive analytics has been benefiting marketers—and customers—for decades.

The Law of Reciprocity

The more brands give, the more they get.

Fast Insight Isn't Always Best

What cultural anthropology can tell you that lightning-speed data analysis can't.

What Does a Bad Experience Cost Your Brand?

How the good, the bad, and the ugly customer experiences impact your business.

What's the Story Sales and Marketing?

How the two departments can co-write valuable insight for buyers.

The Data Exchange: A Mutual Commitment

How marketers can gain consumer trust and keep their own personal information secure.

Making Ads Add Up for More than a Day

Focus on ads that go beyond opening consumers' hearts to opening their wallets.

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Data Analytics Skills

What organizations should really look for when hiring a data scientist today

Marketers' Guide to the Six Laws of Customer Experience

A wining customer experience starts with a winning company experience.

It's All About Me Too!

Tap into consumers' need for validation.

Happiness Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Associate your brand with compelling emotions to make your CFO and your customers smile.

Tapping the Triggers of the Unconscious Mind

Marketers need to make more of an unconscious effort to reach customers.

2014 Brings Unwelcome Attention to Data-Driven Marketing

How marketers can protect the responsible use of consumer data for marketing purposes

2014 Resolution: Marketing Clarity

The rising power of peer influence can muddy what truly inspires customers to purchase.

Data-Driven Doesn't Mean Data-Only

Betting on data doesn't always win the marketing game.

Government Spying Should Worry Marketers

Marketing often gets a bad rap along with the government when it gets negative press for its surveillance policies and actions.

Putting One Bigfoot in Front of the Other

Sales transformation is a monster of a journey.

Surveys Rate as a Low Point on the Customer Journey

Don't let your surveys take your customers for a ride.

Marketers Need Results-Oriented Voice-of-the-Customer Programs

Mature, high-performing VoC programs comprise four main elements.

An Intro to Programmatic Marketing

Over the past year programmatic marketing has emerged as a critical marketing technique—and a key discussion topic—for marketers and media executives in the digital display space.

Data That Makes the Case for Marketing Investment

New research from the DMA shows the benefits of data-driven marketing to businesses and the U.S. economy.

Do We Have a Connection?

Marketing executives need to connect with their employees via LinkedIn—here's why.

10 Customer Experience Tips for Marketers

How marketers can align their marketing with their customers' journey.

Marketing's Project-Centricity Problem

Elongating the tenures of CMO and other marketers requires thinking differently about their roles.

Data and the State of Email Marketing

The end of email? Not quite. While the media world continues to innovate and present new channels for audience communication and interaction, email often gets maligned as passé.

Marketing That's Good for Consumers is Good for Business

Keep your customers at the center of your marketing strategies.

Is Customer Service Killing Your Brand?

4 reasons marketers should care about customer service and how it affects their branding and customer retention efforts.

Content Marketing's Plain English Problem

Content is the most important aspect of content marketing, yet all too often is lacking in quality.

Data and Omnichannel Marketing

Constituents of the marketing community have had no shortage of new terms, imperatives and buzz words to contend with.

Content Isn't King, After All

Why good content reigns and how to start producing it.

The Patience of a Wolf

The patience and curiosity of the wolf got me thinking about the changing environment of marketing and selling is requiring marketers and salespeople to a new set of skills.

Brand of Gold

Personal branding for marketers and salespeople alike is a business imperative.

Marketing's Complicated—and it Really Shouldn't Be

This CMO struggle is about marketing's response to complexity; too often, marketing is responding to complexity with complicatedness.

Why Does Data Governance Matter?

With consumer data growing—in size, influence and importance—having a strategic plan to manage and use those information assets has never been more important.

The Issue of Data Governance

Bruce Biegel, senior managing director at Winterberry Group, discusses the critical—but frequently misunderstood—challenge of marketing data governance in enterprises today.

Does Your Sales Team Have Happy Ears?

Avoiding the dreaded Happy Ears syndrome means marketers should only pass over truly sales-ready leads.

Missed (Marketing) Opportunities

What assets are slipping through the cracks in your marketing?

Are You Keeping Score?

What marketers need to know about Net Promoter Score.

It's Not "OK" to Be "K"

Resist the temptation to dismiss marketing and sales fundamentals in the age of quick hits and shortcuts.

Marketing by the Book—and Beyond

4 lessons for marketers from Jeff Bezos and

Stop Marketing and Start Tuning In

Marketers need to listed first and then provide the information customers actually want.

13 Insights Into DNT Issues

Proposed do-not-track regulations will indeed harm the Adv/DDM industry.

The Complexity of Systems and Platforms

Bruce Biegel of Winterberry Group, discusses the systems, platforms, and processes marketers need to adopt to make Big Data actionable.

The Proliferation of Data Use Cases

Bruce Biegel, senior managing director at Winterberry Group, discusses the prominent digital data use cases for marketing related to the Big Data opportunity,

The State of Marketing Data

The term Big Data is everywhere these days, and marketers are frequently promised transformative results through its utilization.

Regulations on Consumer Data and Privacy Must Be Modernized

Data regulations must be flexible, focused on collection, and allow for context, say studies from The World Economic Forum.

4 Ways to Map Marketing to Customers' Journeys

What every marketer needs to know about customer journey maps.

Numbers Need Narratives

ROI and KPIs Don't Always Add Up to Success

Data-Driven Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Hearst, Macy's, JPMorgan Chase, and Starwood share their data-driven engagement secrets.

Selling to Goldfish

Marketers have mere seconds to capture customers' fleeting attention. Do your communications resonate, motivate, and differentiate?

Content Is (a Misunderstood and Diverse) King(dom)

Three ways to avoid royal screw-ups when creating and sharing content.

Which Brands Are the Most Functional, Accessible, and Emotional?

The 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings examines 246 large organizations for how well they address customer needs in three basic areas.

Marketers Remain a Focus for Policymakers

Four areas of concern and interest about data and privacy for marketers right now.

Making Privacy Public

Three ways around pesky, ineffective compliance rules.

Digital Marketing Attribution

Two ways to tap into Big Data Disruption to optimize your marketing investments.

Get Closer to Your Customers

Six steps for combining personas with automation to build stronger customer relationships.

Marketing Responsibly Online

How some travel company encourage customers to do the selling for them in social channels.

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