OOH Veteran Jones opens own digital creative shop

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Dylan Jones, former VP of content strategy and creative at Premier Retail Networks (PRN), has launched Jones Digital Media, an agency specializing in digital out of home strategy, creative and production.

Jones has worked in the digital OOH space with brands such as Costco, Best Buy, Supervalu and Sam's Club, and was part of the creative effort behind Wal-Mart's Smart Network, and sees great growth potential for the emerging channel.

“There are a lot of network operators and a lot of network providers, and some larger agencies may do it as an offspin from their regular offerings, but there's very few [agencies] out there that are doing digital out of home creative,” said Jones, executive creative director at the agency.

For 10 years prior to PRN, Jones worked in entertainment advertising, producing commercials and movie trailers. The agency, launched August 3, is currently pitching clients and will make additional hires as needed based on business acquired.

He stressed the importance of targeting and producing work applicable in-store placement.

“If you look inside a store there's a different way of communicating at a checkout lane than there is at the electronics department or an end-cap display,” he says. “I saw this gap in the market where you really need somebody who understands the retail space as well as the digital out of home space to create the right commercial to engage consumers.”

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