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Cross-Channel Marketing

Marketing Sophistication Curve℠
Marketing Sophistication CurveSM
As marketing sophistication evolves, brands strive to move from simply executing in each individual channel to optimizing each customer´s experience across all channels. By utilizing a proven path to help you advance your marketing program to the next level, achieving cross-channel optimization can be a reality for any brand, regardless of its current state of sophistication.

Take our online assessment of your current marketing program´s level of sophistication and receive our most recent Marketing Sophistication Curve framework to aid in helping you continually move your organization's cross-channel marketing efforts forward.

The assessment and framework will help you to:

  • Assess where your own brand lies along the Marketing
    Sophistication Curve
  • Learn about the journey brands must take in order to achieve
    cross-channel optimization
  • Use five key components for advancing up the curve
Where are you on the curve? Take this assessment now to find out and receive our framework to help you move up the curve!

Get your copy of our Marketing Sophistication Curve!

After you take the online assessment, we’d also like to invite you to view our Marketing Sophistication Curve webcast.

Our Experian Marketing Services’ experts go deeper into the stages of the curve and provide actionable tips to help you plan for the next stage of the curve in five key areas: data management, insights and targeting, strategy and planning, execution, and measurement. Click here to view.
Where are you on the curve?

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