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5 Tech Changes That Can Improve Your Business In 2018
Here are five tech upgrades your business can implement for improvement on several fronts.
If You're Not Automating Your Email Campaigns, Who Are You?
Email isn't just a marketing tool. It's still big business
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What About the Workers?: Voices from Dreamforce #1
Is the My Salesforce concept partly a way to encourage workers to operationalize the platform?
Democracy, Diversity: Voices from Dreamforce #2
Women in the workforce and technology for all. With added AI
Music and Massages: Voices from Dreamforce #3
Two customers at the beginner and advanced stage of their Salesforce journey talk about putting data at the center of their marketing efforts
Four Ways of Engagement: Voices from Dreamforce #4
Exploring B2B and B2C customer engagement: Through big data, the Voice of the Customer, innovative presentations, signatures
Spotify to Sell Makeup, Partners with Pat McGrath and Musician Maggie Lindemann
On the horizon of taking the company public without an IPO, Spotify has announced a partnership with makeup artist Pat McGrath in its biggest move to retail to date.