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Nine articles over the last 12 months that show how the ad blocking conversation has changed.
Virtual Events
July 7—Use Personalized Video to Boost Conversions by 500%. Seriously!
Personalized video brings your viewers into the story by weaving their names, company names, logos and other unique content right into the flow of the video itself. Join this webinar to learn why personalized video works (spoiler alert: we’re all self-centered!).
July 12—How to Tame Your Agency Work Chaos
Managing work at an agency can be frustrating and overwhelming. Join Workfront to take a closer look at the challenges of agency project management and learn tips to increase visibility, develop consistent processes and improve communication and collaboration.
July 19—Omnichannel Marketing: Taking Your First Steps
The transition to omnichannel marketing may be easier than you think, and the rewards far outstrip the difficulties of surmounting the short-term obstacles. Join this webcast and learn from start to finish how omnichannel marketing works.
Aug 16—Dial Up Your Mobile Marketing
Connect with and convert customers using the latest mobile marketing strategies. Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference to learn how to execute a successful mobile marketing plan.
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