PLUS: Is the Next Mobile Already at Hand?
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Do You Really Know What Motivates Your Customers?
Direct marketing is about understanding customers enough to drive them to act; Walk the Walk is a distinctive example.
To Send or Not to Send More Email: That Is the Question
"It's not a matter of 'one email a day is fine, but two emails a day is too much.'"

Visualize, Personalize, Contextualize, in Real-time
Tired of campaigns that are complex to produce and don't deliver the results you need? Ready to listen, react, and engage your customers with what they want, when they want it, wherever they are? Get to know a company with award winning, patent-pending multi-channel technology and a unique blend of agency services and data management expertise. Get to Know QuickPivot.
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Russ Klein Tapped to Head American Marketing Association
The former Burger King and 7-Eleven CMO takes over as the organization looks to expand globally.
B2C Customer Acquisition System Debuts
CertainSource's Source Efficiency Index helps consumer marketers fish for leads in the right places.
Is the Next Mobile Already at Hand?
Researchers quibble about just how big the Internet of Things is going to be, but a new report says it's going to be huge and that marketers need to pay heed.
Top 5 Spending and Investment Insights from Marketers
By Stephanie Miller, VP, member relations, DMA
Confidence in data-driven marketing led marketers to set high Q1 2014 goals.
When Are Marketers Salespeople?
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Challenge: When Marketing and Sales Collide
The head of marketing operations is doing just as much selling as marketing, sans the commission her sales colleagues earn. How should she handle it? Read the full scenario and send your answers to by Friday, August 1.
Events Calendar
Aug 7—7 Ways to Enhance Your Webinar Promotions
ON24 will share 7 tips for increasing the effectiveness of your webinar promotions, resulting in higher registration and attendance.
Aug 12—How to Select the Best Translation Resources for Your Business
Join Nataly Kelly, VP of Marketing, at Smartling to learn how to select the best translation resources for your business.
Aug 19—How to Drive Engagement in a World of Content Overload
Join Courtney Pierce, Sr. Director of Marketing from Brightcove for a compelling conversation on ways marketers can work smarter and develop engaging content that increases conversion rates on every device.
Dial Up Your Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing By the Numbers [Free eBook]
Your personal guide to the ever-changing mobile marketing landscape—all in one place.
Featured List
List: Charitable Consumer - Leon Henry Inc.
List: Charitable Consumer - Leon Henry Inc. - The charitable consumer file consists of those who have responded to direct marketed sweepstakes offers from charitable organizations to win prizes by making a donation or through a free entry method.


The Essential Guide to Selecting Your Web Content Management Solution
Understand and determine the criteria for choosing a new Web CMS. This guide identifies the key features to evaluate, which solution is right for your organization, and what technologies will provide the best visitor experience.
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