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One on One: MLB All-Star Shawn Green on Telling Your Brand Story
Greenfly's Shawn Green and Daniel Kirschner on how to connect with fans to tell authentic stories
Rules Of Engagement: ABM And Time-Based Metrics
Time is money --- make sure you're making the most out of your metrics
Marketing Strategy
G2 Crowd Releases Top MarTech Software Tools for 2018
Earlier today, G2 Crowd released its annual ranking of the World's Top 100 Software Companies for 2018 — a list based on user reviews earned over fiscal year 2017
Content Marketing
Personalized Marketing in Context
Leaving personas behind to market to the individual customer, in the moment

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Uber Eats Acquires Ando, The Food Delivery Startup (TechCrunch)

Google Extends Hangouts Meet Video Call Support To Tablets (VentureBeat)

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With Syte, AI Lets You Shop Almost Anything You See
Syte.ai pulls together object recognition, AI, and machine learning to render anything visual "clickable and shoppable"
Is the Use of Chatbots Resourceful or Reckless?
When chatbots fail to hold meaningful conversations, consumers sometimes become embittered