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The Red-State/Blue-State Divide Among Consumers
By: Paul Conley, Director, Content Marketing

How do we know about the red-state/blue-state divide among shoppers? We look at people's receipts. Millions of them. The NPD Group has been delivering retail and consumer insights and providing business solutions for decades. Now our latest solution, Checkout Tracking, looks at sales data on an even deeper, more individualized level. Checkout Tracking data is based on the millions of receipts consumers send to us and our technology partner, Slice Intelligence. Those receipts yield detailed, item-level data about individual consumers across stores in all retail segments, both online and at brick-and-mortar, over time. The result is an extraordinary level of insight into the relationships between brands and consumers - including preferences, behaviors, and more. 

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Via the partnership, Beintoo will license the marketing solutions provider's privacy-safe, cross-device data for audience extension and offline attribution within its BeAudience and BeAttribution platforms.
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Marketing Challenge: Risky Business
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5 Steps to Creating a Compelling Customer Experience eBook
There are myriad ways to a superior customer experience—one that’s relevant to a specific organization and its customers. This eBook outlines five steps marketing professionals can take to create a customer experience that will engage and delight their consumers.
Email’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness
The Email Opportunist
As email continues to evolve and reinvent itself, marketers need to better understand their customers to engage them and drive action. Sixteen marketing leaders give their unique takes on how to ensure that your email marketing strategies are getting the desired results.
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Oct 29—Email Marketing Without Borders
Attend this webinar and get the checklist every email marketer needs before sending emails outside of North America. Join Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer at Return Path, and Len Shneyder, Director of Industry Relations at SparkPost, as they share their tried-and-true best practices for successfully sending email to diverse audiences around the world.