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Amazon Is Opening a Grocery Store with No Checkout Lines
Amazon continues its expansion into retail with a grocery store that minimizes purchase friction.
The MarTech Bubble Burst
Has the martech industry reached its tipping point?
Break the bottleneck
By Hightail
Are you wasting the power of your marketing technology tools? Find out if your business has a creative bottleneck and how can you break it.
Social Media
Growing Social Media Ad Spend Bad News for Newspapers
New predictions suggest social media and online video may present a threat to both print and digital newspaper offerings
How Middlemen Have Changed Travel Marketing
Direct selling, OTAs, loyalty. Travel intermediaries are having a strange impact on travel marketing.

Acxiom Learn about Open Garden from Sony, Heathrow Airport and Acxiom
Marketers are finally starting to take back control of their ecosystems. It’s all thanks to the Open Garden – a new blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem that’s connected at the data layer. Join Dennis Self, Acxiom’s President & GM of Marketing Services, Will Gonzalez, Sony’s VP of Marketing Technology and Digital Operations, and Simon Chatfield, Heathrow Airport’s Head of eBusiness & CRM on how Open Garden can work for you. Register now.

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Dec 8: Is Your Content Marketing a Page Turner?
Join DMN for a one-day virtual conference to learn how to create content marketing that not only engages, but also converts customers.
Dec 15: 10X Your Marketing in 5 Easy Steps
If done right, marketing operations can provide more than a 10% to 25% improvement in marketing effectiveness, but getting to these kind of improvements can be difficult. In this webinar, you will learn simple steps for creating a workflow that
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Bridging the Trust Gap of Data
How can analytics companies get clients to trust data
Eddie Kim: A Love of Insights from Data
Eddie Kim, chief data scientist at Sysomos speaks with DMN