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Ting Reduces Customer Churn with Payment Plans
The mobile network and service provider introduced a financial solution after listening to customer feedback
Marketing Automation: Aligning Technology and Skills
Act-On's new report reveals some brands struggling to drive full benefits from MA. Act-On University may be a partial answer
Multichannel Marketing
Best Places to Work Winner Podcast: Cordial
The CEO and cofounder defines adaptive messaging and shares the number one mistake marketers make when it comes to thinking about this concept. Plus, hear how Mary Poppins inspired his company's name
Email Marketing
Building Your Best Subject Line
Personalization, character count, and message type are all variables marketers need to keep in mind

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A snapshot of this year's malware activity and how it could be impacting companies' bottom lines
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Whether retailers consider the online marketplace a friend or foe, it's hard to ignore its impact