How I Was Seduced by the Bachelor
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How I Was Seduced by the Bachelor
I was happy. I was making my own way, outside of the reality TV and social media spheres. Then along came Chris Soules.
Marketers Crave Customer Data
Just one third of marketers feel they collect the right amount of data.


Target physicians, pharmacists, hospital directors and other healthcare professionals with the highest quality healthcare lists and databases. You'll get better results from your campaigns with SK&A because our lists are 100% telephone-verified and BPA-audited! See our March Madness Specials here!
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Consumer Trust Foretells Retailers' Future
The technology is there, but brands need consumer trust, and adoption, for mobile payment apps and drones to become realities.
Integral Acquires Video-Checker
Integral Ad Science beefs up its video tracking capabilities with the addition of Veenome.
Nielsen to Buy Exelate, Bolster Programmatic Chops
The ratings king prepares for a day when programmatic buying migrates to broadcast television.
Direct Mail Myths Busted
Essential Guide to Direct Mail Marketing 2015
Find out how direct mail adds dimension to marketing. Also, learn about the six reasons to invest in direct mail.
Leave the Past in the Past
Marketing Challenge: But We Did It This Way
CMO James Li and his entire team have reached their "we did it this way" limit in terms of Luther Crain's suggestions—always based on the successes from his previous job. What could Li say to explain the situation without dampening Crain's enthusiasm?
Events Calendar
March 10—Customer Experience Marketing That Makes a Splash
March 17—How to Bring Your Webinars Back From the Dead
So your awesome webinar just ended -- now what? For most companies, once a webinar is over, it’s dead and gone, never to be seen again. Well, it’s time to re-animate your webinars and bring them back above ground.
March 24—Build a Content Strategy to Support Multichannel Marketing
Content marketing is most effective when it's unified across customer interaction points.
April 24—Marketing Hall of Femme 2015
Join Direct Marketing News for a swank luncheon in New York, when we celebrate this year's Marketing Hall of Femme. The award honors female chief marketers whose actions and accomplishments make them true Leading Ladies.

Why You Need To Be A Modern Marketer
Oracle commissioned Forrester to interview 498 marketing decision-makers from across the US and Europe. Read all the results.
Get the report here.
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Social Marketing Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up? Learn how to steer your marketing around shifting user demographics and ever-changing social rules, shine among the marketing crowd on social media, and debunk some of social media marketing's most pervasive myths.

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5 Paths to a Profitable Customer Journey: Understanding the role of the phone call in the customer journey and its value as a touchpoint is fundamental to creating a cohesive omnichannel strategy.

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