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One on one: ArtFinder on Personalizing Art Tastes
Jonas Almgren describes how his company is bringing machine learning to the world of art.
Contemplating the AI Revolution
Paul Roehrig of Cognizant is pondering revolutionary changes which will bring about a machine-driven, but still human-centric, future

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Digital Marketing
House Votes to Block FCC's Internet Privacy Protections
By Kim Davis
Legislation blocking FCC privacy rules, if signed by President Trump, will allow ISPs to sell browsing and other personal data to marketers and advertisers
Digital Marketing
365 Tickets USA Gets Results with New Solutions
A discount ticket seller implements a new solution to deter customers from abandoning its site — and get them to return when they do

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Skedaddle, A New Mobile Marketing Opportunity
Skedaddle's bus ride-sharing service will create actionable communities