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Spotify Mobile for Free Listeners is About to Get a Big Update
For those who depend on the free Spotify service, your mobile app just got a whole lot better
Agencies? Consultancies? They're Making CX Real
They'll partner with you to implement your stack, manage your data, run your creative, and digitally transform your business (Part Two: Merkle, Cognizant)
Marketing Strategy
Eliminating Ad Fraud — This Time, for Good
Ad fraud is directly constraining innovation and economic growth
Digital Marketing
Net Neutrality R.I.P.
A look back at our recent coverage, as net neutrality vanishes — temporarily we hope — into the dustbin of history

What We're Reading Today

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Twitter is making more money now, so it's going to start hiring more people (Recode

BigCommerce raises $64 million to power e-commerce sites (TechCrunch)

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Experts from Marketo, Optimove, Gartner and Amplitude weigh in on GDPR
Remembering Marketing Hall of Femme 2017
Looking back on our Marketing Hall of Femme ceremony in 2017. Nominations for 2018 are closing soon