Growing Consumer Engagement Through Omnichannel Marketing
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How to Get Millennials to Part With Their Precious Dollars
A new study finds that despite the improving economy, millennials remain cautious.
MorningStar Farms Grows Consumer Engagement Through Omnichannel Marketing
By Todd Smith, Kirsten Neely, MorningStar Farms
The food company is connecting the online and the physical worlds as part of its efforts to better our own.

Relationship-First Marketing for a Mobile World
Consumers worldwide have nearly five billion active mobile subscriptions—that's almost a billion and a half more active mobile subscriptions than toothbrushes sold. With more than five times more mobile devices than PCs on the planet today, as a marketer, chances are your messages are being consumed in the mobile channel. If you're not aligning your strategies with this new reality, you may find your business headed the way of the landline.
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Don't Let Bad Experiences Alienate Your Customers [Infographic]
Earthlings are willing to share their data to enhance their customer experiences.
Exigency Marches On!
PRC OKs $1.19 billion in additional surcharge to mailers. The 4.3% topper on postal rates is expected to endure an additional eight months.
This Should Be Exigency's Last Gasp, Mailers Say
A Postal Services showing signs of life and a Congress showing no signs of activity is a formula for exigency's demise, insiders say.
How to Give a Customer the Axe
Marketing Challenge: The Delicate Task of Firing a Customer
Jacen Spring wanted to find unprofitable customers and try to bring them out of the red, and "fire" the costly customers. Coastal Construction, although a big spender, was a continuous drain on services and support. She debated how best to tell the CEO and Coastal's account rep her plan.
Grab and Hold Your Customers
Is Your Loyalty on Par?
Your mobile-friendly points program may not be enough to retain the loyalty of today’s fickle customers. With this eBook, you’ll learn how to create loyalty initiative that keeps customers engaged and enamored.
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Aug 13—Build Successful Presentation Skills for Marketing Webinars
As a webinar presenter, are you worried that you aren't as engaging and interesting as you are when you present live? As an attendee, have you been interested in a topic but turned off by the presenter?
Aug 18—The Secret to Successful Mobile Strategies for Direct Response Marketing
Customers have been responding to your offline advertising for decades—from radio and TV to print and direct mail, these programs have been staples of your marketing spend. But in today’s mobile world, is your marketing strategy keeping up?
Aug 20—Monetizing Social Media
Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference to learn how to move beyond simple engagement activities on social media, and instead entice fans to evangelize, share, and purchase. Featuring KEYNOTES from Mike Nesladek, VP of marketing at Newton Running, and Zachary Tumin, NYPD's deputy commissioner for strategic initiatives.
Sept 3—10 Common Webinar Mistakes...And How to Avoid Them
Join ON24 and Direct Marketing News for the 2015 edition of “10 Common Webinar Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them” and learn tips and best practices that can increase the value of your webinars, for you and your audience.
Sept 24—40 Under 40 Awards
The Direct Marketing News' 40 Under 40 Awards is ready to honor the exceptional marketing achievements of these 40 young winners on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 42West at The Out Hotel in New York City. Purchase your tickets today to join the party!
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