Seizing the Moments Is Essential to Mobile Dominance
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Marketing&Tech Update
Tailored Experiences Are the Perfect Fit for Joe's Jeans
The premium denim brand provides a personalized shopper experience that's a cut above the rest by bringing the benefits of the in-store experience to the online realm.
Millennials Are Devious When It Comes to E-Commerce
More than a quarter of millennials have faked their birthdays when signing up for a newsletter to get a discount.

Relationship-First Marketing for a Mobile World
Consumers worldwide have nearly five billion active mobile subscriptions—that's almost a billion and a half more active mobile subscriptions than toothbrushes sold. With more than five times more mobile devices than PCs on the planet today, as a marketer, chances are your messages are being consumed in the mobile channel. If you're not aligning your strategies with this new reality, you may find your business headed the way of the landline.
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Seizing the Moments Is Essential to Mobile Dominance
Platforms like Google and Facebook, not apps, will control mobile minutes and, in turn, the mobile universe, says a Forrester report.
Social Media Day Celebrations Sweep the Web
What better way to celebrate social media than with copious amounts of tweets and posts?
Facebook: Pay Only After 10 Seconds of Video Viewing
The social network adds it as an option along with the current three-second standard.
App Marketing Costs Decline
The cost to maintain loyal users dropped 10% to $2.47 in May, as app developers turn up the volume on targeting.
Mobile Video Views Show Alarming Growth
Smartphone and tablet views have quadrupled in two years, leading mobile to claim 50% of video viewership by year's end, says a study.
Grab and Hold Your Customers
Is Your Loyalty on Par?
Your mobile-friendly points program may not be enough to retain the loyalty of today’s fickle customers. With this eBook, you’ll learn how to create loyalty initiative that keeps customers engaged and enamored.
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Marketing Challenge: What to Do When Sales Rises Up Against Marketing
A week into her new role as chief marketing and sales officer, Abigail Bruner heard two of her top salespeople hatch a plan to pitch themselves to the competition. What should she do? Read the full story and provide your advice.
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Cross-Channel Attribution: Myth or Reality?
Customers traverse myriad channels in the journey to a purchase. This makes cross-channel attribution extremely difficult—but not impossible. So, how can you allocate the purchase accurately?

Harmonize Direct Mail Data With an Omnichannel Approach
Want to take an omnichannel approach to marketing, but are missing something? Read how to gain better control of and visibility into your campaign; determine the best mix of channels and timing for optimal campaign impact; and drive a positive and impressive customer experience.

Avoid Email Campaign Chaos 
Today's overcrowded inboxes are here to stay. Read how companies such as Diamond Candles and Uber are rocking their email campaigns, view insights from the latest research reports on email marketing, and get expert advice in this eBook on refreshing your email efforts.

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July 14—The New Mobile Rules for Search, Social, and Display: Data-Driven Strategies for More Clicks, Calls, and Sales
Join mobile marketing experts from DialogTech and Leapfrog Online as they present new data-driven strategies for driving more clicks, calls, and sales from Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
July 28—The Unhealthy State of Enterprise Marketing Work
The nature of our work — especially as marketers — has changed profoundly over the last several years. Companies are getting bigger, with systems and teams increasingly spread out across the globe.
Aug 20—Monetizing Social Media
Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference to learn how to move beyond simple engagement activities on social media, and instead entice fans to evangelize, share, and purchase.