Are Your Social Fans Enthusiasts, Dabblers, or Lurkers?
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Are Your Social Fans Enthusiasts, Dabblers, or Lurkers?
By Phil Britt
Knowing followers' engagement levels can help to guide a brand's social interaction strategy.
The 2015 Marketing Wish List
From content to cross-channel marketing, five skilled marketers share what they hope to see more—and less—of in 2015.
Ad Platform for Wearables Debuts
FitAd aims to take fitness and health brands on the run with digitally connected exercisers.
Marketers Start Seeing ROI From Data-Related Investments
Data-related budgets will increase for the third consecutive year, as its ROI starts to increase.
Telemarketing Is Going Mobile—But Customers Aren't Along for the Ride
Americans surveyed are willing to give up alcohol, chocolate, coffee, or sex for a month rather than get a call from a telemarketer on their mobile phone.
Facebook Deep-Sixes Bing
The company limits search to the boundaries of its vast social network and pulls the plug on Bing results.
Digital Drives Engagement, But Not Necessarily Brand Identity
Though an effective engagement medium, digital media may not be a marketers' best option for building a brand image, and ultimately, influencing buyers.
Nike Rules YouTube Ads, Beer Spots Still in the Mix
Google's review of the most-watched ads on YouTube shows the sporting goods behemoth hasn't lost its marketing prowess.
Push Notifications Doubled on Thanksgiving
Bigger smartphones and a greater willingness on the part of shoppers to transact on them led retailers to send 25 million pushes.

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