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The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement
When merchants are able to engage customers on a personal level, they are more likely to buy and will recommend brands and products they like to their friends and family. Download this free eBook to learn the rules (and tools) for successful customer engagement today!
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Marketing&Tech Update
Social Media

Get in on the Twitter Chats
April 10, 2014
How marketers can tap into the six most prevalent types of Twitter conversations.

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Digital Marketing Prowess Could Sway Midterm Elections
The composition of the 114th Congress may well be determined by great email campaigns instead of negative TV ads.
Search Marketing

News Byte: Search Advertising Starts 2014 Strong
Though search advertising spend was up across the board, mobile search and pay-per-click advertising showed triple-digit growth in Q1 2014.
Content Marketing

Data Byte: Big Gains in Shareability and Responsive Content
With 93% of consumers sharing content, content marketers have all the incentive needed to make shareability and responsive site design top priorities.
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eBook: Why Marketing-Tech Collaboration? Because You Have To.
By Direct Marketing News staff
Marketers and their technology colleagues have varied perspectives, but they can all agree that collaboration is essential. Read on to learn how to achieve it in your organization.


Forrester Report on Mobile Engagement
In this October 2013 report, Forrester Research, Inc. says push notifications are the ideal tool, combining the unique benefits of mobile marketing: intimacy, immediacy and context.
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April 24—The Lean Content Roadmap: How B2B Marketers Can Do More With Less
In this webinar, you'll learn how to create your own Lean Content Roadmap: one that ensures your content is moving buyers through the pipeline without wasting resources.
April 30—5 Unproductive Phrases Creatives Say and How to Avoid Them
Join Richard Whitehead, AtTask's senior GTM director for marketing solutions, and DMN featured speaker Martyn Etherington, CMO of Mitel, to hear why “it's 80% done” really means no one knows what the status of the deliverable is—and how you can fix this illusion of productivity.
May 13—Webinars: More Than Just Lead Generation
Many companies use webinars to generate leads. But is that the only way to leverage their power? How do those webinars fit in with your other marketing efforts--and how do you know?
May 14—Unstoppable Lead Gen Strategies
Join us for a can’t-miss virtual event jam-packed with tips on how to fill your funnel with the high-value prospects most likely to convert.
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Multichannel Marketing

If You Build It, They Will Engage
Construction materials manufacturer USG revamps its image using targeted, multichannel efforts aimed at customers and employees.
Database Marketing

Q&A: When (and How) to Bust Down the Data Door
Some people run into issues with trying to build the perfect solution when often an 80% solution will do, says MailChimp's chief data scientist.