Our new and improved 2016 editorial calendar
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Media Center Update

Recently Direct Marketing News has rebranded as DMN and has moved to a digital-only publication (save for limited edition print issues). This affords us a greater opportunity to go deep on particular stories and update our content calendar to reflect new opportunities. This email confirms the creation of a new editorial calendar for the latter half of 2016. Our calendar will no longer be published as a PDF, it will live on DMN


New Story Ideas include:

  • The Sports Feature

    September 2

    Statistics and advanced analytics are revolutionizing the way sport teams look at their players. Is it doing the same for marketing?

  • State of Mobile

    November 10

    As we approach the 10th anniversary year of the iPhone, where does mobile stand and where is it going?

  • Retail Week

    September 19 - 23

    During the week of September 19 - 23, DMN will focus its coverage on the emerging trends in the retail space. Including a feature looking at how the retail experience will change in the next decade, we will profile leading retailers and their marketing and operations, highlight the tech powering the greatest innovations, and discuss how online and brick and mortar are merging.

Email me at team@dmnews.com with any questions or feedback.

Keith O'Brien, Editorial Director, DMN

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