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Media Center Update: Call for Speakers

Direct Marketing News is hosting a Virtual Event on lead gen on May 14, 2015 and is looking for a senior-level client-side marketer at a recognizable brand to host the keynote session. It's a great opportunity to get one of your clients exposure by putting its customer in the spotlight!

The VE sessions are 30 minutes, plus a brief Q&A. The topic can be anything related to the overall description noted below. The speaker could do a straight presentation, or we could do a "fireside chat" style Q&A. Past speakers include executives from Calloway Golf, Capital One, Comedy Central, Dell, GameStop, Kimberly-Clark (Scott Naturals brand), SunTrust Bank, The Body Shop, and The New York Times. We normally get about 800 registrants to our VEs.

Lead-Gen That's on the Money

Get the right prospects into your funnel and get them to convert.

Not just any lead will do. Marketers need to find and capture the attention of the right prospects. And, as marketers' activities move deeper into the sales funnel, they also must nurture and convert them. Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference on strategies that will attract the prospects most likely to become customers. A selection of instructional sessions and moderated discussions will examine such topics as:

  • Determining which lead sources are optimal for your business
  • Developing effective cross-channel, lead-gen initiatives
  • Lead nurturing, including email and content marketing strategies
  • Collaborating with sales for end-to-end lead management

If you have an executive who's interest in speaking, please contact me at ginger.conlon@dmnews.com by Wednesday, March 4. 

Thank you!

Best regards,

Ginger Conlon
Editor-in-Chief, Direct Marketing News