Watching Both Sides and Doing Ethical Work

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I didn't reply to Scott Hardigree's article (DM News, July 10) about his three kinds of list brokers because I just can't imagine what industry he works in. I didn't recognize any of his definitions, and I've been a broker for 21 years, at a company that has been around for 37 years.

So although I did not agree with him, I agree even less with Theodore Kelter's reply (Letters, Aug. 7). How terribly self-serving that was. Your company only offers brokerage as to avoid conflicts of interest?

I am extremely proud of the work that we do on both the brokerage and management side, and some of the most spectacularly ethical work we do is when we represent a client in both areas. By watching both sides of the equation for them, we put them in a position of strength, leveraging and protecting their most important assets.

Chris Ragusa, President, Estee Marketing Group Inc., New Rochelle, NY
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