The challenges in advertising on the Web

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Technology is altering the direct response world. Multichannel marketing is more popular than ever, and successful companies are utilizing a combination of channels to introduce, educate and persuade a shopper to purchase their product. It seems like everyone is thinking about the best ways to empower the consumer and enhance their experience in a space where the consumer controls their individual exposure to advertising.

The major challenges to advertising via the Web are these: how to maximize ROI while effectively drawing consumers to the Web sites and competitors buying up keywords, overcoming the stigma of spam through brand recognition, etc. While advertisers attempt to conquer these hurdles, it is important to take a moment to think about the aftermath. Once there is a plan for a potentially successful multichannel marketing campaign, can its success be quantified? Is there data that can identify what order sources was the most successful?

Online buyers are the strongest repeat consumers. Once trust is gained, they will be loyal. Those who purchased online had the strongest level of trust in e-mails from familiar companies. Usually, age is a dividing factor; younger buyers (less than 55 years old) had much more faith in online security and were savvier in terms of using the Web for product research. Grow your business with this consumer population.

The next logical step in maximizing ROI is to track how these orders are processed to this age cohort. It is imperative to be able to link advertising efforts to order sources. You must be allowed to know your data-it is a very simple idea that must be made beautiful and seamless. The bottom line is data should be collected from the point of sale to delivery and readily available to you via your fulfillment company.

Fulfillment companies have an emerging responsibility to look beyond pick, pack and shipping. An innovative fulfillment company will be able to support any aspect of creative advertising. Does your fulfillment support allow you to create and keep track of your continuity customers? Fulfillment responsibility included data management and storage. Choose a partner who is dedicated in growing with all aspects of your business, technology included. Data should be treated like gold. According to the Buyer Study, customers who have a history with you will purchase from you again, especially if you know how they buy. Use fulfillment companies as a resource to advise and equip you with the power to track, market and target to viable consumers. Whichever modes of technology you focus on using for your multichannel marketing campaign make sure that your support team can monitor it so that you maximize your resources and profit margins.

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