New-to-market afflicted donor's file to be managed by Direct Partner Solutions

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Alpharetta, GA-based Direct Partner Solutions Inc., a direct marketing agency, is now managing the Afflicted Donors: Contributors with Ailments file.

Afflicted Donors: Contributors with Ailments is a new to market file of Americans who donate money to health-related fundraisers of all types.

The file is comprised of 5,154,148 individuals at a base price of $100/M

Healthcare fundraising organizations match a known contributor with an ailment related to their cause. This links that consumer to their organization in a personal way, allowing mailers to target more narrowly with this file.

The individuals of the file are 100 percent opt-in e-mail subscribers who welcome ways to give back through charitable contributions to a variety of causes.

Available selects include ailment, age range, gender, household income, ethnicity, and presence of children, homeowner, monthly hotline and geography.

The file is updated monthly.

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