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Fasano and Associates, Sherman Oaks, CA is now offering the Small Business Loan Seekers file comprised of 76,241 individuals at a base price of $85/M.

The individuals are motivated entrepreneurs and the file contains their at-home addresses. They are preparing business plans for their existing or start up businesses in order to meet financial standards and requirements to qualify for a small business administration loan.

All have visited iworks.com and agreed to receive additional information on how to obtain the funding they need, including obtaining the proper forms, completing a loan package, preparing for the bank interview, and lists of preferred lenders in their area. Others have signed-up for and purchased additional services and materials from iworks.com such as on-line chat and mentoring, workbooks and software.

These self-starters are looking to take control of their lives, achieve financial independence and be their own bosses. They may be interested in publications and learning programs; business or office supplies and technologies; credit, insurance, ISP, and long distance services.

The file is selectable by gender, state, and ZIP.

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