DMN's 40 Under 40 on the Job

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DMN 40 Under 40 on the Job
DMN 40 Under 40 on the Job

When Davis arrived in New York City, she worked at a private-label company for fashion and design. As a wide-eyed Midwesterner, this was a career path she'd never heard of but that nonetheless excited her. “What I learned from there is to do whatever is needed, even if it's just getting the coffee,” she says. “Nothing is beneath doing. You shouldn't worry what the project is, just do it.”

  • Mason Thelen, founding partner/owner, Elicit

“Pizza delivery boy. I was 16 and that job taught me to work hard and show up. Like most people, their first job teaches them the value of a work ethic that won't quit. That job taught me to take more pizzas, work more hours, and sometimes, like during holidays and Friday nights, that it's OK to bend the rules a little bit. And it taught me speed. Hot pizza demands it. Most important, while the job itself was monotonous, showing up day after day for three years of my life helped to put me through college.”

Jason Siegel, partner/creative director, Bluetext

“I worked for free at 14 for a neighbor who installed ponds. He taught me how to create a pond with a waterfall and landscape it with plants, aquatic plants, fish, and water ornamentals. Japanese Koi and the whole nine yards. After two installs, I started my own business, Aquascapes. I paid for college and life with this business through high school and college. The biggest lessons I learned: I didn't want to do manual labor my whole life; creating something from nothing for someone else is a rewarding experience for all parties; and don't be short-sighted—investing in growing your knowledge pays off.”

Jennifer Bunner, director of insight, Outsell LLC

“One of my first jobs was as a research assistant for a cardiology professor during my freshman year of college. I assisted with data collection and analysis and found out that the analytics really interested me and I was good at it. Every role that I've had in my professional career has been in analytics and insights.”

That's just a sample. Come back to and check out our November issue, out Friday, Nov. 1, for full profiles on all the 2013 40 Under 40 winners.

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