Adrea Rubin Adds Datarich Segments

Adrea Rubin Management Inc., New York, announced seven new Datarich file segments. The Datarich files contain compiled data as well as credit, survey, census and mail-order buyer sourced data.

· Bookworm Master file has a universe of 4.7 million names including a 192,800-name one-month hotline.

· Elite Bookworms has a universe of 627,700 names with a 52,300-name one-month hotline.

· Car Talk has a universe of 4.4 million names with a 186,200-name one-month hotline.

· Ethnic Master file has a universe of 7.7 million names with a 450,000-name one-month hotline.

· Pet World has a universe of 3.5 million names with 1.4 million cat owners and 1.6 million dog owners. The one-month hotline count is 154,100.

· Sporting Chance has a universe of 4.4 million names with a 179,600-name one-month hotline.

· Young Adults Master file has a universe of 11.2 million names with a 468,100-name one-month hotline.

Selects on these files include geography, gender, age, income, homeowner, credit card, new mover and e-mail address. Base prices range from $55/M to $65/M.

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