News Byte: USPS Wins Global Innovation Award

Gary Reblin gets direct.
Gary Reblin gets direct.

The United States Postal Service was recognized for the Digital Communication Innovation of the Year by U.K.-based Postal Technology International in its recently released 2014 Annual Showcase. The annual awards are chosen by a panel of 17 postal executives from around the world.

USPS was lauded for incubating growth in digital-hybrid mailings by offering marketers 3% discounts if they included QR codes in their pieces.

“We are looking to connect with digital for one reason—improve ROI for our customers,” says Gary Reblin, VP of new products and innovation at the Postal Service. “People keep mail for two to six days. If we can get them to act immediately on offers through digital means, it makes an effective medium more effective.”

USPS is expected to announce a new slate of digital themed promotions in the coming weeks.

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