News Byte: Teradata Says Customer Interactions Should Be a Two-Way Street

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News Byte: Customer Interactions Should Be a Two-Way Street
News Byte: Customer Interactions Should Be a Two-Way Street

What is it? Teradata Corporation's Teradata Applications division has announced the general availability of Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) in the Cloud. It also released enhancements to its Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) suite.

WIIFM? CIM is “a data-driven marketing solution,” according to Teradata applications, that is designed to enable real-time, dialogue-based customer interaction across digital and traditional channels. It aims to serve as an organization's hub of customer interactions. Additionally provides integrated inbound and outbound messaging, which is designed to provide marketers with the ability to plan and deliver multi-part customer interactions across multiple channels.

Enhancements to IMM are designed to better integrate with Teradata Applications' Marketing Operations, Campaign Management and Digital Messaging solutions. The aim is to allow marketers to improve the speed with which they can collect and analyze; better manage campaigns and related spending; and improve consistency and personalization of messaging. Additionally, IMM is designed to allow marketers to create customer interactions centrally then deliver them through the appropriate channel.

Who's Talking? “Businesses everywhere run costly and sophisticated marketing campaigns to get the attention of their customers, yet much of that money and effort is wasted because it's a one-way street: outbound only,” Gonzalo Hidalgo, general manager, IMM/CIM for Teradata Applications, said in a statement. According to Hidalgo, when marketing is a two-way street it helps “drive revenue by combining insights from digital and offline campaigns alike to form a 360-degree view of all customer interactions.”

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