News Byte: Salesforce Files Decides to Share

News Byte: Salesforce Files Decides to Share
News Byte: Salesforce Files Decides to Share announced Salesforce Files, a cloud-based storage system designed to connect with third-party file sharing service popular with business and consumer users, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft SharePoint. This connectivity is a new component to the CRM giant's file sharing system, previously known as ChatterBox, which debuted last fall.

Analysts initially speculated that ChatterBox was set up as a competitor to other file sharing systems. In an opinion piece published when the product was announced, Gartner Research Directors Jie Zhang and Gene Ruth speculated that ChatterBox will…help position [Salesforce] as a competitor to, Citrix ShareFile and other providers in that space.”

While this development might have initially been viewed as an effort to steal market share from entrenched cloud storage service providers, the solution was ultimately an add-on to Salesforce Chatter, which allows enterprise users to collaborate via a shared work stream.

The rebranding of Chatterbox, which was in planned beta for a year, to Salesforce Files and the ability to connect with competing cloud storage solutions demonstrates that clients using the solution, previously known as Chatterbox, desired integration with their existing technologies and services.

Salesforce Files is currently in private beta and pricing information will be released when the product rolls out, the company said in a statement.

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