News Byte: Demandbase Intros Automated B2B Retargeting

Some 80% of retargeted B2B ads miss the mark.
Some 80% of retargeted B2B ads miss the mark.

Demandbase announced the addition of a new wrinkle to its programmatic ad buying system for B2B companies that allows users to automatically optimize retargeting efforts by eliminating some 80% of typical waste.

“There are two key points of waste for B2B marketers' ad dollars—marketing to companies that are not even capable of buying what you sell or who are in the wrong industry and marketing to qualified companies that have already made a purchase,” says Demandbase CEO Chris Golec. “That accounts for 80% of waste.”

The Demandbase retargeting solution uses audience optimization controls to eliminate non-buyers, who often include competitors served ads after researching a company's website. Instead of a CPM-based rate system, Demandbase charges a subscription fee based on the number of companies a client wants targeted.

“The idea is to deliver efficiencies to B2B marketers who have audiences that are dynamically changing,” Golec says.

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