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The New York Times accidentally spams eight million readers


An email appeal from The New York Times offering readers a special deal to not cancel their subscriptions was accidentally mass-emailed to about 8 million people on Dec. 28, rather than the 300 individuals for whom the message was intended.

Why are Kindle editions of newspapers ad-free?


I used to buy the print edition of 'The New York Times' every Sunday. Then I received a Kindle and stopped. I was stoked on the $3.92 savings, but my girlfriend wasn't. She liked the circulars that came with the print edition, and for whatever reason 'The New York Times' doesn't include advertisements with its Kindle editions.

Are coupon sites the new Crocs?


Within the past day 'The New York Times' and Microsoft's search engine Bing have both made public their intents to enter on the coupon business. A search engine joining Groupon's game isn't so odd (Google's doing it too), but a newspaper? Is this a pole vault over the shark? Maybe not.

'NYT' reveals new iPad app

'NYT' reveals new iPad app

'The New York Times' revealed a more robust - but still free - iPad app over the weekend, revamping the "Editor's Choice" app it launched in April 2010 that featured a selection of the media company's top stories.

NYT will start charging for access next year


The New York Times announced today that it would begin charging for access in 2011.

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