Office Depot's Green Book Gets Even Greener

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The amount of environmentally friendly paper, pens, printers, light bulbs and other office supplies in the 2005 edition of Office Depot's Green Book rose 84 percent from last year's premiere issue.

Meant for Office Depot's business-to-business customers, the Green Book is being mailed to nearly 40,000 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and nonprofit groups as well as educational institutions. It contains 2,500 products and promises performance equal to standard items while saving raw materials, conserving energy or reducing or preventing the emission of toxic chemicals.

The Green Book is printed on paper made from 100 percent post-consumer waste.

"For the Green Book in particular, the medium is as important as the message," said Tyler Elm, Office Depot's director of environmental affairs.

Along with giving product information, the Green Book details the environmental benefits of products, offers tips to make the workplace more environmentally friendly and provides short articles and case studies.

A case study issued by Johns Hopkins University depicts how it used the Green Book to help convert 25 departments to 35 percent post-consumer waste recycled paper.

"The Green Book is exactly what we are looking for: a convenient, environmentally friendly way to help make the university's green purchasing decisions easier," said David Marvin, president of the Johns Hopkins University Students for Environmental Action.

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