News Byte: Epsilon Aims to Create Real-Time Conversations

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News Byte: Epsilon Aims to Create Real-Time Conversations
News Byte: Epsilon Aims to Create Real-Time Conversations

There are three realities marketers need to address, according to Charlie Pendleton, senior director, product marketing, digital marketing solutions, at Epsilon: Big Data can enhance one-to-one targeting; omnichannel marketing reaches customers where they are; and accountability for marketing performance is now the norm at most companies.

“Marketers need simple and effective—and integrated—solutions,” Pendleton says, adding that as marketers' roles become more specialized, the need for marketers to collaborate increases.

Looking to help marketers tackle these new realities, Epsilon released Agility Harmony, a cloud-based digital messaging platform “built to be omnichannel from the ground up,” Pendleton says. “It's fully integrated and built by marketers for marketers.” In other words, Epsilon used customer-led development, he says.

Agility Harmony is designed to help marketers harness omnichannel data and then use it to inform, create, and then deliver relevant, timely, and targeted marketing campaigns across channels. Advanced analytics based on what Epsilon calls “active intelligence,” aims to give marketers the ability to optimize campaigns as they roll out. “In an omnichannel world [marketing] has to be real time,” says Andy Frawley, president of Epsilon. “The ability to make changes on the fly can improve campaign performance.”

Pendelton also notes that the Agility Harmony platform is roles based, offers built-in segmentation capabilities, supports content optimization by device, and provides access to a variety of data sources. Epsilon plans to launch additional elements, including predictive analytics, every two to four weeks. “Our goal is to drive outcomes for our clients,” Frawley says.


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