Naviant Debuts E-Mail Product Suite

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Naviant Marketing Solutions Inc. today unveiled WiredMail, a suite of e-mail marketing products that is powered by Naviant's High-Tech Household File.

The file consists of more than 34 million wired consumer households that have registered technology products online and opted in to receive marketing information.

"There are a lot of companies that are still relatively early in the learning curve for e-mail marketing," said David Braunstein, director of online products at Naviant Marketing Solutions Inc., Newtown Square, PA. "Our solutions take somebody who is early in the learning curve but sees a lot of potential in the channel and has a commitment to e-mail marketing and puts them in the driver's seat."

The new suite of products consists of e-mail prospecting, appending and campaign management for direct marketers.

WiredMail Prospector allows marketers to send e-mail or postal marketing messages to online households that have opted in to the High-Tech Household File to receive third-party offers. Targeting by demographic and geographic information is available on this file.

List rentals of the prospecting file start at $150 per thousand, with volume discounts for large quantities.

WiredMail Append matches Naviant's e-mail address files to a marketer's database of postal customers, allowing them to add e-mail addresses to these records.

E-mail appending ranges from 30 cents to 65 cents per e-mail address added, with volume discount for large quantities.

Many privacy advocates contend that the existence of an offline relationship with a customer is meaningless and that without opt-in permission to contact a customer via e-mail, any e-mail sent to an appended e-mail address is spam. But Braunstein is confident in Naviant's system.

"It's the combination of the consumer permission on the one hand and the pre-existing confirmed business relationship between our client and that consumer that makes us feel more comfortable with doing appends," he said.

The final tool, WiredMail Manager, is a Web-based e-mail campaign management product. It helps marketers define, create, execute and track e-mail marketing campaigns.

Prices for WiredMail Manager implementation range from $7,500 per month for an annual service contract to $25,000 for a limited three-month service contract.

Naviant expects to create additional products and to add features to the suite of tools, Braunstein said.

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