Kmart, Warner Bros. take The Dark Knight to malls

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Kmart, Warner Bros. take The Dark Knight to malls
Kmart, Warner Bros. take The Dark Knight to malls

Warner BROS. and Kmart have teamed up for a cross-brand partnership to pro­mote the release of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight.

Kmart, as the official Dark Knight headquarters, is offering a boutique full of licensed products from the movie, including toys, kids' apparel, costumes, men's apparel and bedding and acces­sories at the front of its stores.

The retailer has also teamed up with out-of-home media network Reactrix for an in-mall marketing effort.

“[Kmart] wanted to find a way to drive people into its store, so what better time than when people are out shopping,” said Mike Ribero, CEO of Reactrix.

The Reactrix interactive marketing platform, StepScape, is an in-mall bill­board that projects imagery onto a 6- by 8-foot display that is

located on the floor. When a con­sumer enters the area of the display, he or she can interact with any con­tent on it. The images appear to float on the floor, and mall visitors can make them move around by kicking them.

Kmart's Dark Knight campaign features imagery from the film, as well as the film's branded products, which are on sale at Kmart. This includes Joker playing cards floating alongside Batman on a motorcycle that consum­ers can interact with. There are also tie-ins to other Batman-branded products including Hershey's candy, Mattel toys and General Mills cereals.

The promotion is running in 157 malls and movie theaters across the US. While Kmart stores are not usually in malls, they are generally in the same vicinity.

Dark Knight e-gift cards are also avail­able at The site also includes free downloadable wallpa­per, a movie trailer and a link to

“The call to action for Kmart is to get people to go into Kmart. For War­ner Brothers, it is to get people to buy more products around the film and to get people excited to go and see the film,” Ribero explained.

Kmart also promoted the program with Dark Knight-wrapped circulars, starting on July 13, and co-branded shopping bags. The Kmart promotion ran from July 6 through July 19, in conjunction with the film's opening on July 18. The retailer handed out free tickets for the film in its stores on July 18.


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