JoS. A. Bank increases catalog sales using database segmentation: DMA All For One

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JoS. A. Bank Clothiers generated a 19.5% increase in catalog response and 16.7% growth in catalog sales by using its customer database to better segment offers, said John Lewis, strategic services director of database marketing at the retailer on June 21.

The company updated its database marketing strategies when it sent its data to Experian Marketing Services, said Lewis, speaking at the Direct Marketing Association's All for One Marketing Summit. Experian overlaid that information with compiled data from its own database to determine which catalog recipients were likely to become “multi-buyers,” he said.

Experian developed six distinct consumer profiles that let JoS. A. Bank adjust mailing quantities and version mail segmentation. The service provider also helped to clean the retailer's data and make it quicker to access, said Lewis. Armed with better information that could be accessed in less time, the company was able to target with more sophistication and more accurately evaluate its marketing efforts, he said.

Lewis said JoS. A. Bank's ultimate goal is to “operate three channels of selling as an integrated business and operate personalized service regardless of channel.”

He added that the retailer is “challenged with finding new customers and keeping the ones we have.”

“Between print, email, direct mail, radio and TV, we have to coordinate and take a channel holistic view,” said Lewis.

However, he said JoS. A. Bank isn't a top-tier cross-channel marketer yet. The company would also like to use email segmentation and data capture from social and mobile to create cross-channel segmentation campaigns.


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