Infographic: How Amazon Stole Christmas

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Every holiday shopper liked Amazon a lot.
But marketers competing with Amazon did not!
Marketers despised Amazon, the whole holiday season.
And if you keep reading, I'll tell you the reason.

It could be perhaps that marketers' budgets were too tight.
It could be Amazon's recommendations were always just right.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
was that their multichannel marketing ideas were simply too small. is where most shoppers thrive,
according to a new holiday survey by MarketLive.
Eighty-seven percent of consumers check Amazon before buying online,
where they expect an experience that's as sweet as the pine.

And consumers always expect to pay less for more.
That's why 73% of consumers check Amazon's prices while shopping in-store.
Amazon is a force to be reckoned with—that's for sure.
But marketers can compete by connecting online experiences with those of in-store.

Fifty-four percent of consumers say cross-channel profiles are a must.
And 65% want emailed receipts, so their receipts don't lie around in the dust.
But that's not enough; consumers expect more!
Eighty-six percent say it's important to check product availability before visiting a store.

And what does it take to have customers who are tried and true?
Consumers say having good prices (90%), product assortment (47%) and customer service (51%) will do.
And while some customers are loyal through and through
Paying full price is something 24% of consumers simply won't do.

Consumers want deals that will save them a ton,
and free expedited shipping (74%) will help get their shopping done.

If you want consumers' business, you'll have to offer them your best;
show them why your brand is better than the rest.
Consumers want products ready to ship (91%) and easy to return (86%),
And, brands that offer peer ratings and reviews (67%) so they don't get burned.

As marketers should know,
Most holiday purchases don't come from a store.
They come from companies that offer consumers a little bit more!


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