FedEx Delivers Highly Anticipated New Monoply Edition

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FedEx began its coordinated shipping effort Sept. 7 for the new Monopoly: Here & How edition to retailers across the country.

Memphis, TN-based FedEx , will use its FedEx Ground network to deliver 164,000 games to 7,200 retailers in the United States. FedEx Ground has a network of more than 500 distribution hubs and local pickup-and-delivery terminals throughout the United States and Canada.

This past spring, hundreds of thousands of Americans voted to determine which landmarks from 22 famous U.S. destination cities should be on the game board of the new Monopoly edition. The voting ended in May and game maker Hasbro Inc. has kept the results confidential throughout the summer. Hasbro worked with FedEx to employ a just-in-time delivery schedule to retailers to ensure the landmarks and their location on the board. Even the identity of the new "Boardwalk" space will remain a secret up until the Sept. 14 on-sale date.

Starting today, FedEx Ground will position games throughout its network in preparation for the one-day delivery to retailers on Wednesday, Sept. 13, for consumer purchase the next day.

FedEx Ground transported the specially packaged orders from the Hasbro facility in East Longmeadow, MA, to a FedEx Ground facility in Willington, CT, where they were sorted for distribution.

Beyond the new property landmarks, Monopoly: Here & Now Edition has newly appraised rents and property values, larger currency denominations and airports replacing the railroad spaces. The traditional flagship Monopoly game, which is based on streets in Atlantic City, N.J., will continue to be on sale alongside the new Monopoly: Here & Now Edition.


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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