DMNews talks with Damian Bazadona, president of Situation Interactive

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Damian Bazadona
Damian Bazadona

Q Why did you decide that mobile would be an effective channel for the Blue Man Group (BMG) campaign? 

A We wanted to get visitors to Las Vegas interested in seeing the Blue Man Group, and also to continue to have a relationship with those customers. We realized that a mobile campaign would be ideal. There are a lot of possibilities for interaction, and [the mobile device] is the one thing people always have on them.

Q What was your approach?

A We looked at all aspects of ticket buying cycles to see how mobile fits into that. Since Vegas is such a walk-up market, we did a "text and snipe" in conjunction with BMG bus ads, where the ads had a short code you could text to win tickets. We also offered consumers on the official Blue Man Group Web site the ability to give us their mobile number and date they will arrive in Las Vegas to receive last-minute availability options delivered by text message.

Q What did you do during the show?

A We wanted an interactive in-show component, which fits with the BMG show since it's very interactive A typical show features a large video screen that displays messages. We had one of the messages be a call for fans in the audience to text in with their e-mail address for a chance to receive a backstage tour. For the fans that didn't win, they received a "thank you" e-mail and were asked if they wanted to stay on BMG's e-mail list. We also created a WAP version of the BMG site and an iPhone game that consumers could interact with on their smart phones. 

Q Why is this interactive element important to a mobile campaign?

A With mobile the consumer is clearly in control; they have opted in for a specific reason. The consumer knows exactly what they are engaging in, and they do not usually want 1,000 text blasts. When you can run mobile campaigns where the consumer can interact with the brand, they are more willing to listen to the message. 

Q What were the results? 

A There was a 13% redemption for
people who entered their phone number on the Web site, and we are projecting
an 8% to 10% interaction rate for the in-show campaign. 


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