The Shining Star of CES: Mobile

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Cybersecurity and virtual reality were also hot; 3D printing not so much. Rising from the ashes was Blackberry.

Forget hoverboards and drones. Mobile received twice as much attention from the world at large than any other category exhibiting at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), according a study conducted by content marketing software provider Scribblelive. The company's analysis of more than 100 million news articles, blogs, and social media posts surrounding the show had  mobile receiving more than twice the play of the next most popular category, electronic gaming.

Cybersecurity, computers, virtual reality, wearables, and drones were the next most talked about sectors.

Blackberry, with its new PRIV Android phone, made a comeback at the Las Vegas show. The post-CES influencer score of 133 posted by CEO John Chen trailed only Samsung's John Herrington (176) and Apple's Phil Schiller (153).

Samsung gained some ground on Apple in wearables. Its Gear2 smartwatch with its bio-processor helped it to a post-show influencer score of 527, compared to a negative 58 for Apple. In the Internet of Things arena, Ford Motor company, which synched smart home indicators with vehicles, and Ericsson got the most buzz.

Former star CES categories ending up near the bottom of Scribblelive's rankings were cameras, 3D printing, and robotics.

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