News Byte: Retailers Are Failing at Local Marketing

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News Byte: Retailers Are Failing at Local Marketing
News Byte: Retailers Are Failing at Local Marketing

You'd think that, by now, brick-and-mortar retailers would have been all over local marketing methods, fine-tuning the ones that worked, gearing down the ones that didn't, and serving as trendsetters for marketers everywhere. But if you thought that, you'd be wrong, according to a survey released today by LocalVox.

The provider of online local marketing services scored the top 150 retailers on more than 20 aspects of local marketing, and discovered that nearly all of them were flunking out. On average, stores scored 3.58 out of a possible 10 and only 11 companies registered an average grade over 5.00.

At the head of the class were Whole Foods, Walmart, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, and Michaels. First in line for summer school were SaveMart, Zales, Ahold USA, Supervalu, and Quik Trip.

LocalVox examined retailers' performance in local SEO, social, mobile, and content marketing, rating them on such items as rich directory profiles, location-aware store finders, Twitter activity, and local content creation. 

The company found that, while budgets have been adjusted for local activity in a significant way, retailers are still foraging for best practices. One third of retailers, for instance, have optimized for local search, but are failing to win key terms. Low performers in SEO included Dell, McDonalds, and C-Store operator Alimentation Couche Tard.

Retailers are severly socially challenged, as well, LocalVox learned. Average score for the group on social criteria was 0.28 and, amazingly, 125 retailers tied with 0.00 points.

Others who posted passing marks in the four breakdown categories included Kohl's, Nieman Marcus, Dick's Sporting Goods, 7-Eleven, Barnes & Noble, and Sears.



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