eTail Blog Insights: 5 Tips to Improve Mobile Conversions via Email

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5 Tips to Improve Mobile Conversions via Email
5 Tips to Improve Mobile Conversions via Email

Mobile conversion via email is tough is because we're living in an era of smartphone addiction, according to
Alaa Hassan, VP of iNetVideo. When and where do people check their phones these days? While they're driving, before bed, when they first wake up, during dinner, and even… when they're in the bathroom. Considering the amount of time people are spending on their phones, marketers might assume that consumers would open and read their email, and when they don't marketers might assume they don't like your product.

But, as Alaa told the audience at the Email Summit of eTail West, it's not about consumers not liking what you're trying to sell them via email, but rather about getting past the constant barrage of alerts people receive on their phones. The issue at hand is getting your email to make it to the top of the mobile inbox and converting readers of that mobile email into customers.

For Alaa, there are five key ideas to consider when trying to increase mobile conversions via email marketing:

1. Analytics: Examine customer behaviors, including the time of day people are buying your products, how long they're spending online, and the number of pages per visit to target the right consumers with a fitting email.

2. Design: Make your mobile website engaging, responsive, and simple.

3. Content: Test different subject lines to find out which keywords draw people into reading your email. And rather than pushing only promotions, use email to send value-added content.

4. Email lists: Remove anyone who hasn't opened your emails for more than a year from your email lists and try using other methods of communication to retarget them.

5. Landing pages: Make sure your landing pages, whether you're linking to your main page or your checkout page, are responsive to mobile.

With these ideas in mind, you'll be well on your way to converting those tough-to-attain mobile customers.

Elizabeth Robillard is a production assistant at World Business Research, the creators of the eTail conference series. This post is brought to you through a special DMN/eTail Blog partnership; copyright eTail 2014, reprinted with permission.


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