DMN 40 Under 40: App Attack

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DMN 40 Under 40: App Attack
DMN 40 Under 40: App Attack

Peep: Jeremiah Desmarais, VP, Marketing and Strategy, Health Partners America
App: Jot
Why? “Keeps our accountant happy.”

Peep: Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD
App: Expensify
Why? “It's an app that streamlines how individuals and companies manage expense reports. My VP of sales introduced it—and if a sales guy can use it and loves it, it must be easy.”

Peep: Andrea Wilson, VP, Strategy Director & Luxury Practice Lead, iProspect
App: Instagram
Why? “I'm such a visual person, and it's my favorite way to combine personal and professional interests in one place. It's relaxing, easy to digest during down time, and also fun to watch how different brands are pushing themselves to try new things and show their personality in a dynamic way.”

Peep: William Peterson, Email Marketing Manager, U.S. Bank
App: Y! Sports
Why? “I'm a huge sports fan and I love to follow my favorite teams in college and the pros. This app has easy navigation to move between teams, scores, and stats.”

Peep: Carrie Chitsey, CEO, BLK24
App: Ferris and UMeTime
Why? “Ferris is a new mobile video application that allows you to record and edit your life moments. UMeTime is an app that allows local merchants to push out short, time-sensitive local promotions good for only a couple of hours. It defines your day.”

Peep: Judah Fontz, VP, Search Fundraising, VeraData
App: EverNote (for business) & Yahoo Fantasy Football and Face in the Hole (for fun)
Why? “EverNote makes it easy to save and organize great Web content across all devices. Yahoo Fantasy Football and Face in the Hole—do I really need to say why?”

Peep: Geoff Gross, President, Medical Guardian
Why? “I've used it in five cities. That app is a perfect example of a solution to a huge need in the marketplace and a great customer experience!”

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