DMN 40 Under 40: App Attack

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DMN 40 Under 40: App Attack
DMN 40 Under 40: App Attack

We live in a world on the go, the nature of which is exemplified by our constant use of mobile apps. But some apps are more constantly used than others.

Only 16% of people will try out an app more than twice. In fact, according to Compuware, somewhere between 80% and 90% of all apps are used only once and then eventually deleted by users.

The 2013 Direct Marketing News 40 Under 40 winners are a busy crowd, so they need apps that work for their lives—but they're also a fun bunch that likes to kick back and mess around with apps that aren't necessarily business-related.

If you're looking for some apps-piration, check out the list below for a few of our winners' faves. These apps are DMN 40 Under 40-certified “handy.”

Peep: Katie Klumper, Group Account Director, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners
App: Gilt and Rue
Why? “They've done an amazing job of tapping into a consumer insight and delivering against it. Many apps are put into the marketplace and companies expect people to use them daily. But you need to give users a reason to make it a ritual, whether it fits into their routine or has new information. Companies that develop apps need to invest as much time and energy into maintaining it as they did building and launching the technology in the first place. Also, I just love to shop. It's important to do something for yourself every day—a guilty pleasure. And mine happens to be shoes and bags. What woman isn't a sucker for a new bag or pair of shoes?”

Peep: Louis Cohen, SVP, Head of Search, Affiliate Marketing & Lead Generation, Citibank, NA
App: Shopkick
Why? “They're doing some really innovative things to bring offline transactions and engagement back into the digital world. I also like the rewards and loyalty incentives they offer for shopping. The free gift cards don't hurt either.”

Peep: Aaron Bell, CEO, AdRoll
Toca Train
Why? "Actually, it's my daughter's favorite."

Peep: Jodie Sangster, CEO, Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (Australia)
App: Newsle
Why? “It's a news app which connects to my LinkedIn and pulls through any press releases my contacts have send our or news stories from any publication related to the people I'm connected to. They go straight to my news feed. It's a fun way to keep track of my network. For me, I'm connected to an inordinate amount of people—1,000+—and to set up something like a Google Alert for so many people just wouldn't be possible.”

Peep: Gene Turner, SVP, Managing Partner, Horizon Media
App: United Airlines
Why? “I'll admit I'm not the most organized with travel details and I travel frequently. The United app has been extremely helpful on more than one occasion.”

Peep: Loni Stark, Director, Product & Industry Marketing, Adobe Systems
App: Next Issue
Why? “It's a monthly subscription model that encourages me to read as many articles from great magazines as possible, like Time, Fortune, and Wired. I'm like a kid in a candy store. And yes, I do love flipping through Architectural Digest and Sunset, too.”

Peep: Greg Alvo, Founder & CEO, OrderGroove
Why? "I'm a die-hard Miami Heats fan."

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